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Stewardship as a Way of Life

Our parish practices ‘Stewardship as a Way of Life’.  A steward is someone to whom the assets of someone else are entrusted, and who ultimately makes a return of those assets. A steward has no personal claim on anything they have been given. In the Christian economy, God is the ‘someone else’ who has entrusted immeasurable assets and gifts to each of us. Most commonly, we speak of these as time, talent, and treasure. Perhaps more pointedly, we can use some parallel terminology and speak of the stewardships of prayer (time), service (talent), and regular sacrificial giving (treasure).

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Stewardship as a Way of Life
is awareness that our resources of
time, talent, and treasure are
gifts from God.

How we make use of our time,
talent, and treasure
is our gift back
to God.

Please review these opportunities
to grow in faith and service,
and prayerfully consider
where the Lord
may be calling

We never know why God has called
us to do something. When we feel His call,
it is our duty as faithful servants to
respond with a loving and