Upcoming Events

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Oct. 26th, 8am – 2pm: Annual BOO!zaar in the school gym. Huge Raffles, many local craft vendors, food, games, and fellowship. Come on out!

Nov. 3rd, 4pm: 1st Sunday Vespers. Evening Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours. Organ processional and Recessional, hymn, chanted psalms and canticles, perhaps a choral piece. Lasts 20 minutes.

Nov. 23rd, 10am: Confirmation Mass.

Nov. 25th, 7-8:30pm: Adult Choir Rehearsal. Moved to Monday, the 25th from Wed., the 27th because of Thanksgiving.

Nov. 26th, 2-8:30pm: Gregorian Chant Schola Rehearsal. Moved to Tuesday, the 26th from Thurs, the 28th because of Thanksgiving.

Dec. 1st, 4pm: Combination 1st Sunday Vespers and Organ Recital. Come at 4pm for our regular 1st Sunday Vespers, followed immediately by an organ recital performed by Director of Sacred Music Jerome Cole.

Dec. 20th, 7pm: Lessons and Carols. Shorter, 50 min, event with readings from Scripture about the coming of the Christ Child, choral music, chant, and congregational carols.
Jan 5th, 4pm: Epiphany concert