Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events 2020-04-10T14:45:08-04:00

March 15th, 11:15am Mass: Children’s Choir sings.

March 19th: Extra Mass at 5:30pm for Solemnity of St. Joseph. Will include music.

March 22nd, 11:15am Mass: Schola sings.

April 5th, 4pm: First Sunday Vespers, followed by 20min organ recital.

April 9th, 7pm: Both Schola and Adult Choir sing for Mass.

April 10th, 1pm:  Adoration of the Cross.

April 10th, 9pm: Tenebrae. A simple sung office of readings and morning prayer, including extinguishing of candles and strepitus.

April 11th, 9pm:  Easter Vigil Mass.

April 12th, 6am Mass