Singing at Home

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Singing and music making are vital aspects of our faith. Singing allows us to express the depth of our Faith in a way that words alone just cannot do. Hopefully some of these resources will help you and your family share the joy of Christian living with each other throughout the Church seasons.

Sheet Music
           for example, go to “voice,” then “Christmas”
           Sheet music for many other instruments, genres, and difficulty levels
           Highly recommend
          largest online collection of public domain hymns. 
          Great for singing/playing your “traditional” hymns from Mass
          Gregorian Chant sheet music for the liturgical year, with rehearsal videos
          Largest online collection of music in the public domain
          Mostly “classical” pieces
          Choral Public Domain Library
          Free, public-domain choral and vocal scores
          Including translations

     To which to sing, or simply to which to listen