Adult Faith Formation (Exploring Catholicism)

Adult Faith Formation (Exploring Catholicism) 2023-10-16T12:43:55-04:00

Fr. Ken will be organizing adult faith formation for the 2023-2024 year.

About our Program:

The monthly program of faith formation for adults is aimed at providing opportunities for ongoing catechesis, Bible study, and liturgical formation. The goal is to foster an intentional community of love through a deeper knowledge and love of Christ and the Church. The typical program consists of an opening prayer (sometimes followed by a scripture reading), a short lecture/presentation, group discussions (or Q&A), and closing prayer with music. 

Click here for the 2023-2024 Schedule:

Tues., Sept. 12 (6:45-8:15pm)- Images of the Eucharist

Tues., Sept. 26 (6:45-8:15pm)- A Descriptive Tour of the Mass: Part I

Thurs., Sept. 28- Prayer 101 talk with Fr. Chris: Sharing of Desires and Fidelity to Prayer

Thurs., Oct 5- Prayer 101 talk with Fr. Chris: Daily Examen and Regular Confession

Tues., Oct. 10 (6:45-8:15pm)- A Descriptive Tour of the Mass: Part II

Thurs., Oct. 12- Prayer 101 talk with Fr. Chris: Ignatian Rules for Discernment

Tues., Oct. 24 (6:45-8:15pm)- An Overview of the Sacraments

Tues., Nov. 14 (6:45-8:15pm)- The Catholic Church’s Relationship to Other Christians

Tues., Nov. 28 (6:45-8:15pm)- Mary: Our Life, Our Sweetness and Our Hope

Tues., Dec. 12 (6:45-8:15pm)- Ask a Priest Evening

Thurs., Dec. 14 (6:30-8:00pm)- O Antiphon Dance: Dust to Divine, Fr. Michael Shami, UND

Fri., Dec. 15 (6:30-8:00pm)- Lessons & Carols

Sat., Dec. 16 (9:00am-12:30pm)- Advent Day of Recollection: Co-Responsibility and the Church’s Eucharistic Mission and Action, Dr. John C. Cavadini, UND

Tues., April 9 (6:45-8:15pm)- Major Ecumenical Councils

Sat., April 30 (6:45-8:15pm)- Introduction to the Church Fathers

Tues., May 14 (6:45-8:15pm)- An Overview of the Second Vatical Council

Tues., May 28 (6:45-8:15pm)- The Church of Today: Challenges and Developments

This group is for:

  1. Unbaptized persons seeking to enter the church
  2. Baptized non-Catholics seeking to enter the church
  3. Baptized Catholics who have not received First Communion or Confirmation
  4. Anyone who wants to learn more about the Catholic Faith can come to the meetings