HELP NEEDED For the Poor in our Neighborhoods

HELP NEEDED For the Poor in our Neighborhoods

2019-07-25T22:15:23+00:00 July 25th, 2019|

Friends, our St. Vincent de Paul Society Parish Conference is committed to serving the poor in our midst, and and especially through supporting them with home visits and food deliveries. They know they come bearing the Lord Jesus, who desires to feed us at a much deeper level.

If you would like to more robustly support our parish conference, you are invited to email our Conference President Mr. Ben Hurst at He will be happy to include you on regular mailings to especially better encourage regular support of food donations. In addition, regular exposure to the work of our conference may hopefully result in your becoming directly involved in their great work.

We have a few parishioners who carry the lions’ share of the food donations, and we’re looking for many more who will commit to consistently help restock the pantry monthly.

Thank you!